Proludic’s unique Grafic Games range has achieved Good Design® Selection for 2015 in Australia’s oldest and most prestigious awards program for design and innovation: the Good Design Awards.

Proludic is changing the rules for playground equipment by combining play with art. With Grafic Games, playground equipment is transformed into colourful works of art. Grafic Games feature bold and eye-catching graphic themes which give play areas a whole new look, and create a distinctive appeal for urban areas.

The concept has been developed with six distinctive themes, each with its own particular style: Grafic, Etnik, Oceane, Metropolis, Medieval and Amazone.

Customised graphics can also be created in accordance with your own design concept. There are infinite numbers of solutions, as each request is covered by a special design study.

The result of completely rethinking the look of traditional play equipment design is a new, innovative and bold playground concept whilst maintaining the play value of the equipment. It has both the effect of firing children’s imaginations and giving a fresh look to the local environment.

The Grafic Games products are designed and manufactured using technical and industrial procedures that are validated by our ISO certifications, are in compliance with our environmental policy and our current Safety Standards. The material used in Grafic Games is designed to last at least 10 years.

Grafic Games are, by definition, extraordinary items of play equipment. They are ideal partners for children and communities in search of unique playgrounds.

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