These unique mock fossil dig sandpits feature an anatomically-correct, 3D, Velociraptor or Diprotodon skeleton. The sandpit is child-safe and measures 1.9m long x 1.2m wide for the Velociraptor and 2.8m x 3m for the Diprotodon.

The sandpits can be used in playgrounds, playspaces, childcare centres, prep schools and other children’s environments to facilitate a unique learning experience for all ages. They are designed to be filled with sand to enable children to play and dig and discover the hidden skeleton. This comes as a stand-alone sandpit which can be placed on the floor inside or on the ground outside. A second version is available without sides and can be fixed into an existing sandpit.

These fossil casts have been used in numerous playgrounds around Australia namely Victoria Park, Bathhurst, NSW Gallipoli Park in Marysville, Vic, the Outback at Isa Centre, Mt Isa and the OH Reid Memorial Park Playground, Willoughby, NSW.

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