Dynamo Playgrounds has built the world’s tallest pyramid net in Mesa, Arizona. At 15 metres high and with a capacity for 250 people, the extra, extra, extra large Genesis Net Climber is attracting families from near and far.

Discover Dynamo Playgrounds, proudly distributed in Australia by Proludic

Dynamo has been transforming playgrounds worldwide with their innovative dynamic rotational games and net climbing structures for over 25 years. Dynamo produces revolutionary designs that promise and deliver the kind of real adventure and excitement that fuels children’s imagination.

The City of Mesa, Arizona had a goal to build a remarkable playground at Riverview Park that would be renowned across America. This goal fit in perfectly with Dynamo's aim of providing unique and comprehensive play opportunities. The result is an incredible destination playground featuring the 15 metre high DX-108 XXL Genesis Net Climber, and an extensive freeform climber, the Riverview Ropes Course! Check out pictures of this project below.

Dynamo Playgrounds products have been installed in playgrounds throughout Australia by Proludic and Viva Recreation. Recently installed Dynamo Playgrounds items include an Astro Rotating Net at Canal Park in Potts Hill, NSW; a Nebula Net at Richmond Park NSW; and an innovative Dizygotic net climber at Princess Park in Adelaide, SA.

The Dynamo range includes:

Rotating Climbers
Dynamo's designers and engineers never shy away from a challenge. The result is a way to make whimsical rotating climbers that spin safely in complete 360°circles. Elements are designed to provide equal enjoyment for users of all ages or abilities.

Frame Nets
These play games are the ideal place to exercise balance and coordination while battling intergalactic aliens or climbing the walls of a grand canyon. Like everything Dynamo builds, these structures will allow generations of adventurers to complete their quests.

Mast Nets
The sky really is the limit! It doesn't matter if the children are superheroes, spaceship crews or mountain climbers, Dynamo's ultra-modern Net Climbers continue to revolutionize the look of playgrounds worldwide.

Biggo Swings
The fully accessible Biggo Swings can be used by up to four children at a time; all sharing the wonderful sensation of safely soaring through the air in our unique parabolic arc. The dish-like swing conjures up shared images of soaring space ships or flying carpets, all while helping children of all abilities develop their balance, equilibrium, and social interaction.

Natural Play
Challenging climbing trees where mystical creatures nest, or a hollowed out redwood tunnel, is the fuel for fantasy that makes childhood play so magical. Dynamo's Nature Play is a safe series of strong, natural, long-lasting playground structures made of GFRC that use the beauty of nature to inspire children to climb and explore.

Rock and themes
The Dynamo team has brought these wonderful rock formations to the playground. The tough Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) construction ensures that Dynamo ROCKS!™ will keep their beauty almost as long as the real mountains they are modeled from.

Creative Concepts
Dynamo’s imaginations are always running in overdrive and they never stay inside the box. Whether it is a unique custom project, or their next production item, Dynamo have plenty of ideas for you. 

For more information on the 15 metre Genesis Net Climber click here.

For further information about Dynamo products please contact us at info@proludic.com.au

Images (top to bottom): Dynamo Genesis Net; Dynamo Rope Course; Dynamo Nebula Net; and Dynamo Quad Pods.

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