To feel the wind in your hair and the dynamic motion of swinging, sliding and gliding is the thrill that leaves children wanting more. Children will be challenged by the long cable ride of the SkyRider, excited by the awesome swinging action of the Mammoth Swing and ready to test out any slide at any time.

Dynamic Play is often the centre stage of a playground, featuring Moduplay’s SkyRider, Slides, Spinpoint, Springplay and Swings ranges.


Soar down the 25m span of the Moduplay Skyrider and you’ll really feel like you’re flying!

With a stainless-steel carriage, hefty steel posts and fully engineered design features, this will be another element in your play area that will delight children and parents for years to come.


What playspace is complete without a slide?

Moduplay slides are attractively designed with features such as a flat tread step ladder, full-length handrails and your choice of heavy-duty rotomoulded Turbo Slide or high sided vandal-resistant stainless-steel slide.


Children develop strength and coordination skills as they have fun on the Spinpoint Twista, Spinpoint Maypole and Spinpoint Saucer.

Built to last with heavy-duty bearings and mounting plates and rubberised grip floor surface that cannot be peeled off.


Spring Rockers and seesaws are a well-loved part of every child’s favourite playground experience.

Choose from lovable and friendly animal shapes, vehicles or theme shapes or the large multi-rockers.


What play sensation can compare with swinging?

This ever-popular play activity is well catered for with Moduplay’s wide range of swing combinations.

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