The magical years of childhood when everything is new and interesting is when Discovery Play is so important.

With Moduplay, children can play in a larger-than-life flowerbed or play music with their feet.

Feel the texture of sand and the mixture of mud and leaves. Dig and delve to find hidden treasures below.

Ranges include Inclusive, Sand & Water and Sensory & Sound.


Moduplay Inclusive helps you create spaces that cater to every level of ability.

Moduplay has collated a selection of activities that are especially directed towards children with special needs in order to ensure that every child has the same opportunity to get the benefits of learning through play.


Playing creatively with natural elements is made possible for all children with these beautifully made sand and water play areas.

Watch them get to work and have some seriously constructive and creative play.


Children explore their senses with a range of stimulating activities for play gardens, early learning areas and children with special needs.

Age-appropriate activity panels can be combined to create pathway borders and maze layouts to encourage learning and discovery activity.

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