Play is about exploration. Play is about challenge – and a way to let off some steam. But play is so much more. It’s a trial run of adulthood – a way for kids to discover and practice all the skills they’ll need in the future - leadership, persistence, empathy, courage. Play is amazing because it shapes kids for tomorrow.

The 2018 launch of Landscape Structures’ AlphaTM Tower range brings height and maximum play value to the playground in an economical footprint, and with its distinctive geometric design and cool aesthetic creating such a unique look, it attracts children to explore and challenge themselves – and each other - through play.

Multiple innovative climbing opportunities create an open invitation to scale the outside up to the 1.2m and 2.4m decks. Or they can reach these decks by climbing inside, ultimately reaching the fully enclosed 3.65m deck for an amazing view and a moment to reflect on their achievement. The compact interior will have them climbing and crawling to explore all the different activities along the way reaching further and further with each visit.

Exhilarating sliding comes in the form of the Tunnel Slide offering a thrilling ride 3.65m down as a reward for reaching the very top. The Double Swoosh Slide® - our steepest slide - lets kids slide two at a time racing down from the 2.4m deck. This new higher Double Swoosh Slide is part of the new Elev8 range launched by Landscape Structures last year – further promoting height challenge on the playground.

Encouraging imaginative play, the Alpha and Alpha Link Towers give children plenty of unique ways to look out and socialise, with perforated and slotted panels also providing visibility from the outside. Allowing children to find their own way, their “just right fit” in play, is promoted through non-prescribed play opportunities throughout the towers, fostering interaction and collaboration between users – making new friends, and mastering new skills as they play.

The high-quality materials synonymous with the Landscape Structures brand, and the cool aesthetics of the hot-dip galvanised steel frame offers enhanced corrosion resistance for coastal environments and are ideal for this modern design.

Extensive Colour Palettes are also available for these towers from Landscape Structures’ rich proprietary colour range, allowing them to stand out or blend in as much as the heart desires.

The Alpha Towers range goes above and beyond the fun of a traditional playground, these standard range towers let children climb to their highest potential – shaping them for their tomorrow!

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