Alf Larson Park in Miriam Vale, had become an infrequently used space by locals and travellers. It was passive, outdated and had become a difficult and expensive space to maintain.

Gladstone Regional Council invested a significant amount to revive the tired space as a means to bring the community together and encourage travellers off the highway to enjoy all that this historic town has to offer.

Award winning playground designers Urban Play designed the state-of-the-art, all-ages, all-inclusive play space that now stands as an iconic landmark for the region.

The age appropriate equipment was carefully assembled in zones, providing challenging yet safe options for children of all ages, physical and intellectual abilities.

One of the most visually striking features of the playground, both day and night, is the giant Skywalk system connecting four elevated bright green cabins. The thrill for the user is the climb to the top via three different angled nets before enjoying a high-speed ride down via two stainless steel slides.

The junior play zone includes age appropriate equipment carefully selected to satisfy sensory, physical, social and imaginative play. From a custom log mound embankment slide to a three bay swing set to suit all ages and abilities, the classics are all included with a modern twist.

A water play zone, always a favourite in Queensland’s climate, offers a myriad of different water channels, pumps and sand trays, utilising the latest technology in water play.

Since the opening event, the playground is now a happy hive of activity bringing families into Miriam Vale from all over the state. This is what one local business owner had to say about the redevelopment.

“We are very fortunate and grateful to have such a brilliant and innovative redevelopment built in our town. It provides so much joy to not only our community members but also many weary travellers. The sounds of happy, laughing children now fill our main street, bringing smiles to all of our faces. Calling it a park just does not do it justice. It is an amazing development and should be recognised for the benefits it has and will continue to provide our town. We should also applaud the ingenuity and determination of all those involved it its design, implementation and construction.” – Miriam Vale Pharmacy

Urban Play partners with well-known International play equipment brand KOMPAN Playscapes to provide these unique play solutions. 

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