Fast-moving action keeps children and adults of all ages healthy and fit.

Moduplay’s range of outdoor fitness and sports equipment provides these opportunities for healthy activities.

Ranges include Fitness, Sports and Trampoline.


These need to be properly structured and well-planned to truly meet community needs.

Moduplay’s experienced Fitness Course Designers offer designs that meet the biomechanical and physiological needs of the age and ability level of the group intended. When you achieve the right mix of activities to suit the user group, you get a better result for all stakeholders and much higher usage rates.


Community use of public space is more intense than ever and it needs to be equipped well to cater for the growing demands put upon it.

Moduplay provides a range of innovative and durable outdoor games solutions to maximise the use of community game space.


Bring the benefits of trampolining into the urban environment. The jumping action of trampolines has been proven to increase balancing skills, develop better coordination and build muscle control.

Clever design provides a tough and easily maintained trampoline that works beautifully in open community space. Children of all ages can bounce their way to healthy exercise!

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