The 30 Series offers a unique Euro-Australian design flavour from Moduplay’s internationally trained designers. It’s never been easier to create fresh and inspiring playspaces using an Australian made product that has a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic.

Featuring design ideology based on the natural Butterfly and traditional Cubby playsets, this range has 16 units that focus on organic shapes with a modern look and feel, which inspire children to interact playfully.

The Butterfly style emulates the fantastical figure of the butterfly, while the Cubby pays homage to the cubbyhouse – creating a space where the domestic becomes the communal.

The Butterfly style has a focus on organic shapes, in a conscious move from the angular and rigid. This helps stimulate imaginative play, by allowing spaces and shapes to take on the will of the child.

With a smaller footprint than the Capital range, integrated non-slip surfaces for safety and heavy-duty aluminium elements for durability within the 30 Series allows for fresh and inspiring playspaces.

The range is inclusive and accessible at ground level.

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