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If the look of natural timber appeals but not the ongoing maintenance, the answer is Knotwood’s timber look-a-like extruded aluminium decking. “Knotwood’s aluminium decking will give you a deck that looks as if you installed it all in one piece,” says Knotwood’s Brendan Galway. “And when you use extruded aluminum to create a deck on the second or third storey of your home, you have a deck that doesn’t have any gaps which means the area underneath is perfect for storage or for a car park.”

There are many reasons why aluminium is the perfect decking material. It is lightweight, easy to install, stronger than wood so can hold heavier loads, impervious to insect infestations, and you don’t have to worry about splitting or rotting. “Even in the coldest temperatures it does not get brittle and crack, so you will have a deck that will last you a lifetime. In addition, aluminium decking simply does not rust or rot, which means it won’t cost you a fortune to keep it looking as new, and it is mildew resistant so you don’t need to use special cleaners to make prevent the build-up of mould,” says Brendan.

“Aluminium decking stays cool in the summer,” he continues. “You won’t burn yourself when you touch it during the hottest part of the day. This is because the properties of aluminum allow for the maximum dissipation of heat, which means the deck won’t dry out in the heat.” Extruded aluminium is also ideal in fire zone areas. Choosing metal building materials will dramatically affect the survival rate of your house in the event of a bushfire. As metal is non-combustible it cannot ignite so it will not provide fuel for a fire. Knotwood aluminium decking and all its components are made from non-combustible materials and it complies with Australian Standard BALFZ

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