In March 2017, Ecodynamics was contracted to undertake its first major TerraStop® Gabion and Wire Mattress installation for a spillway on the Northern Expressway Detention Basin project. Ecodynamics subcontracted the works out to T&J Constructions Pty Ltd, who were awarded the works by the City of Playford.

The evolutionary TerraStop® range is supplied by Polyfabrics Australia Pty Ltd. The TerraStop® Gabion and Wire Mattresses create flexible, durable and permanent structures that resist erosive forces. These materials work together by resisting large pressures that can cause overturning. These hexagonal steel-wire mesh cages are typically heavily galvanized, and can additionally include a superior PVC coating with an estimated design life of 120 years. The TerraStop® can also be zinc-galvanized, which assists in reducing chances of corrosion in highly corrosive conditions, such as those experienced in marine environments.

The Northern Expressway Detention Basin project involved the installation of 528m3 of Gabion Baskets and 253m2 of Wire Mattresses. This was performed in a runway which was 85 metres long and 3 metres of high-stepped embankments. The first six weeks of the nine-week project were performed in a live creek, providing difficult conditions for the construction team. Despite these issues, Ecodynamics successfully completed the task ahead of schedule, within budget, and without incident. The contributing factor for this success can be attested to the brilliant workmanship and ease of applying the expertly designed and constructed TerraStop® range. This is made even more impressive when the multitudes of obstacles the project faced are considered.

These included:

  • First major project delivered using the TerraStop® range of Gabions and Mattress to competitive market productivity and quality
  • Tie-in to pre-existing structure, with significant differences in width and levels
  • Custom shaping structure around 1.5m and 300mm stormwater pipes
  • Working in a ‘live’ creek for the first 6 weeks of the project
  • Confined working space and limited access for machinery in creek invert; a full working “SWMS” (Safe Work Method Statement) with Zero LTI was written and implemented throughout the project

Polyfabrics found the TerraStop® range of Geotextiles and Gabions were readily acceptable by the client. The ease of construction for the gabions made the process as simple and streamlined as it could be, and made it easy for the customer to see that Polyfabrics are using the highest performing product available.

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