Fleetwood Urban recently joined the 'Western Sydney Parklands Design Review Panel' for the Cecil Hills Mountain Bike Trail project. This trail will eventually provide for a 12km mountain bike course and will include supporting facilities such as a 90-space car park, shelters, seating and signage.We were delighted to partner with landscape architects Group GSA and the Western Sydney Parklands Trust on this brilliant project, which is off Elizabeth Drive near the Sydney International Shooting Centre.

Group GSA successfully led the Design Team, and we worked in close partnership with them. Working on the design engineering of the shelters throughout the trail, our collaborative approach meant we, as a team, were able to realise the vision.

The implementation of our DesignExecute™ system was able to bring our detailed construction knowledge into the project right from the Conceptual stage. This meant we were able to ensure that a valid, cost effective design was implemented for the client. The value-engineering methods we used assisted in reducing costs, which in turn gave our client the ability to re-invest funds into other parts of the development.

Fleetwood’s Director of Design, Mark Jol, says: “Design is a passion that is shared by many in Fleetwood. But it is my responsibility to ensure that any product we deliver is of the highest aesthetic standard possible. The design needs to provide for a user-friendly structure and fit into the surrounds. The skill is in being able to maintain the Landscape Architects vision through clever engineering methods.”

Jol says that Fleetwood Urban doesn’t just deliver infrastructure, it aims to build unique communities.

“I have the privilege of building communities. Not everyone gets that chance in life. With this project, we have been given another opportunity to create a unique range of structures that will benefit the community.”

Fleetwood Urban provided specialist design advice using its extensive experience in the industry garnered through many successfully completed design and construction projects.

Prior to joining this panel, Fleetwood Urban has completed a number of projects for the Western Sydney Parklands Trust involving both the design and execution of community facilities.

If you want to know how our DesignExecute™ method can ensure that your design vision is realised, not only on paper but flowing through to construction as well, please call us on 1300 989 100.

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