In coordination with the Red Cross, Jeays Street Park worked to create a community garden to bring back a sense of a communal society and nature in the midst of the bustling city of Brisbane.

Logan Landscapes worked on the development and structure of the Jeays Street Park Community Garden. As one of the suppliers of landscape construction services to Brisbane city council through a landscape construction panel, they were specifically chosen for the task.

Logan Landscapes performed a variety of developments. The site was cleared of undesirable vegetation and tiered retaining walls were installed using concrete pre-formed sleepers to create raised gardens. They oversaw the trenching works and installation of waterpipes, constructed pedestrian paths around planting beds, and installed growing media.

According to Jesu Garcia from the Brisbane City Council, the project was completed to a very high standard, as has become the expectation from the award winning Landscape Company.


Client | Brisbane City Council
Location | 12 Jeays Street Bowen Hills
Landscape Design | Logan Landscapes

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