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Modular boundary walls are a far cry from traditional brick or block walls. This new breed of garden wall surpasses traditional walling options both in terms of installation effectiveness, durability and modern, visual appeal. You would be amazed at the variety of finishing options available to make your modular garden wall stand out from the crowd.

If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get a little creative, you can turn your boundary wall or garden fence into a feature wall that adds some spice to the look of your home.

What you need to know before finishing your wall

Regardless of the finishing option you decide on for your boundary wall, you must take a few precautionary measures before you start. Firstly, keep an eye on the weather. It is a bad idea to paint when the weather is extremely hot or cold. Painting a hot surface, or painting under direct sunlight affects the quality of the paint, reducing the durability of the finish. It goes without saying that you cannot paint your boundary wall in wet weather conditions.

Ensure that you paint your boundary wall within 90 days of installation. This will protect the wall panels and ensure the longevity of your wall. Remember to apply the finish on a small test panel before you use it for the entire wall. This will help you judge if the finish is right for you.

Four Possible Finishing Options For Modular Boundary Walls

Modular Boundary Walls need minimal to no preparation to apply your finishing coat. The panels are ready to accept any self-priming acrylic finish as is and the support columns have a conversion primer and universal grey backing coat applied before the manufacturing process. This only requires a light rub down with a scotch bright pad before applying your top coat. 

Here are some of the most popular finish options used on Modular Boundary Walls.

Acrylic Paint

You can paint your modular boundary wall with an exterior acrylic paint. It provides a smooth modern appearance. 

Textured Render

Add a textured look to your modular wall by finishing it with an acrylic render. Apply with a a trowel for a truly unique finish (applied to panels only - recommended for a trained applicator)

Sand-based Paint

A sand-based paint can be used to create a stylish Tuscan style render. This is a popular finishing option that’s also cost-effective and very achievable by the DIY customer.

Feature Panels

If you want to add a little more personality to your wall, opt for feature panels. These can add a detailed personal touch to your wall. Mosaic or stack stone are popular options.

Modular Wall Systems are extremely versatile

The wall panels are durable and impact resistant. They can, however, easily be customised to suit any requirement, such as a window, lights, a water feature, gates, slats, infills and more.

If you prefer the DIY way over all else, you easily take care of the finishing yourself.  If you’re  doubtful of getting the right result by doing it yourself,  enlist a professional to help.

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