The Clayfield and Springfield are two of Aveo Group’s Flagship Integrated Retirement Communities, and Hedge Property Services was engaged after the landscape construction and design completion to maintain the project.

The scope of this project involves a full landscape management plan for the Gardens and Turf at both The Clayfield and Springfield Aged Care facilities for 12 months.

Work undertaken by the Hedge Property Services team include Fertiliser Management Programs, Pruning and Hedging Programs, Herbicide, Insecticide, and Fungicide Management Programs, Bio Basin Management Programs, and more.

With an acute understanding of how landscaping can affect the mental and physical health, happiness, and safety of aging persons, Hedge Property Services is continually delivering high-quality landscape maintenance, and ensuring the safety of the environment for all residents, staff, visitors at The Clayfield and Springfield.

The team understands the importance of establishing and building a community-based relationship with the residents at Aveo’s communities. They guarantee each member of The Clayfield and Springfield residences the highest-quality greenspace for engaging in outdoors activities with their friends and families.


  • Mowing and edging management plan for turf
  • Renovation, topdressing, and aeration of turf
  • Herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide management plans for gardens and turf
  • Weed control program for gardens
  • Pruning and hedging program for gardens
  • Tree management plan for gardens
  • Clean down of hardstand areas within gardens
  • Bio basin management plan for gardens
  • Irrigation management plan for gardens
  • Fertiliser management program for gardens and turf

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