by LCS Landscapes

LCS Landscapes were engaged by Woodcroft Primary School to collaborate with them to design and implement a ‘Nature play’ landscape for their Junior Primary kids.

Research and development was undertaken by the project working group and several concepts were developed through the design process over several months.

Key elements in the design included a water play area that linked into a dry creek bed with a timber bridge, Imaginative play areas where small groups can explore, build cubbies, and play with sticks and rocks. A digging pit where kids can make mud pies!

Large rocks, timber log stepping elements and balancing beams help define the space. A natural rock amphitheatre for outdoor learning was also incorporated. Textural materials were included in the design, compacted gravels, river pebbles and mulches all add to the subtle sensory experience.

One of the key considerations was for the landscape to be natural, not contrived, to create areas where kids will naturally gather in passive areas, while other areas are designed to be active where imaginative games and activities can be played.

The landscape area was just opened to the kids before school closed for the year, it was an absolute hit!

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