A sustainable Harmony Tower inspired by Korean paper lanterns has been unveiled.
Studio Daniel Libeskind's Harmony Tower is an iconic 46-floor sustainable office tower designed for the new Yongsan International Business district (YIBD) development in Seoul, South Korea.

It's inspired by YunDeung, traditional Korean paper lanterns, and its multiple planes reflect the sky and the earth. The faceted surface of the tower captures the light on its differing angles to create a glowing gateway and beacon in the YIBD.

The south and west facades of the tower contain unique vertical winter gardens which provide direct access to natural ventilation and planted park settings on each office floor. Apart from a place to relax away from work, the gardens also buffer direct sunlight which strikes the glass building to reduce the amount of heat gain.

Sculptured and shaped by the urban context, the tower tapers at its base to create a feeling of space and openness for the pedestrian plaza. The floor plates and the views over the Han River are maximised as the form reaches out in the middle of the tower, creating a sense of scale which marks the gateway from the western entrance to the site. The tower tapers back and up at its top to allow as much light and air as possible to reach the surrounding towers. It also creates a strong ascending peak which helps to define the building’s presence within the YIBD.