Skidmore, Owings & Mills just unveiled their centerpiece design for Pertamina’s new headquarters - a futuristic ‘energy beacon’ that dramatically pierces Jakarta’s skyline.
Shaped like the petals of a budding flower, the Pertamina skyscraper will open slightly at its gently tapered peak to harness wind energy.

Slated for completion in 2020, the skyscraper will become the city’s tallest landmark at more than double the height of the current record holder.
Designed as part of the new headquarters for Pertamina, the Indonesian state-owned oil and gas company, the skyscraper symbolises the company’s newly adopted model for sustainable development.

The campus will accommodate 20,000 employees and will include a performing arts and exhibition pavilion, a mosque, and a central energy plant that will sit at the heart of development and serve as the energy production hub -  a solar panel-roofed ‘Energy Ribbon’ covered walkway will connect the various spaces throughout the campus.

The opening at Pertamina’s rounded crown contains a ‘wind funnel’ to harness and convert high speed winds into energy. SOM designed the skyscraper’s curved profile to minimise solar heat gain and added exterior sun shades to help maximise the use of natural daylight.

By 2020, the campus is expected to reach zero discharge, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 26 per cent, and generate 25 per cent of its own energy from renewable resources.