Ten exceptional presentations by overseas speakers comprise:

  • The provocative Martin Rein-Cano (Berlin) who denounces English gardens as boring and derivative of outmoded models;
  • Xavier Perrot (USA, formerly Vietnam) who makes places for dreaming, which conjure drama from hybridised materials … not about nature, but about alternate worlds.
  • Plantsman James Basson (France), who takes a gentle path with his Mediterranean gardens, working with regional seasons and flora with minimal intervention.
  • Athenian Thomas Doxiadis who displays profound sensitivity for the natural flora creating timeless landscapes in the Greek Isles.
  • Diana Wiesner, Colombia, who devotes life to horticulturally connecting and dissecting the great megalopolis of Bogota, South America.

 And from Australia:

  • Phillip Johnson (Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges), who remains enthralled ... with the power and joy that nature brings.
  • Viesturs Cielens, Adelaide, an enigmatic outsider who reveals the connections between gardens and owners and their evolution over time.


Images (top to bottom): In the Dandenong Ranges, Phillip Johnson’s Billabong Garden is sheer job; On the Greek island of Antiparos, designer Thomas Doxiadis has designed houses and gardens which integrate perfectly within these timeless landscapes; The Cloud Garden in France, where Xavier Perrot says he is not interested in nature, but that his installations provide ‘places for dreaming’; Diana Wiesner in Bogota, Colombia, has a passion to provide green spaces for the poor and disadvantage.

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