The RPII is acknowledged as the independent international accreditation organisation for Playground Inspectors and provides accreditation for Playground Inspectors to the Australian, European and New Zealand Playground Standards. 

The RPII provides technical support for its members and the resolution of differing Standards interpretation through an experienced technical committee.


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – RoSPA, the largest safety organisation in the world, is a founding member of the RPII. RoSPA was founded in 1911 and received Royal Charter in 1918 - Her Majesty the Queen of Australia is the Patron. The play safety inspection side of RoSPA is the largest such service in the world and they inspect over 13,000 playgrounds a year in the UK alone.

RoSPA provides training in Australia in association with Consulting Coordination. Consulting Coordination pioneered the independent certification of playground equipment and playgrounds in Australia and New Zealand in 1996 and natural and nature play elements in 2003. 

Consulting Coordination is the Australian Examination Centre for the Register of Play Inspectors International.

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