Sustainability solutions are at the heart of Atlantis Aurora’s practice and they strive to creatively connect urban life, work and play with nature. They specialise in vertical gardens and green walls, and will work with your team to provide cost-effective environmental solutions.


Atlantis Aurora can design beautiful vertical gardens to suit the aesthetics of any project. They use the latest software programs to create visualisations, 3D designs and design plans of their concepts so their clients can see how a vertical garden can work with their project.

When selecting plants, Atlantis Aurora’s team of landscape specialists and horticulturalists consider the project’s location and lighting conditions. The plants they choose provide a variety of colour and contrast to maximise the visual appeal of the vertical garden. These installations require complex engineering and structural considerations. Atlantis Aurora’s designs are always compliant with engineering certification.


Besides designing vertical gardens, Atlantis Aurora also supplies and installs them both Australia-wide and internationally. Their team includes skilled installers and professional designers, ensuring the green walls are installed to suite the project’s requirements with minimal maintenance required.


Once the installation is complete, Atlantis Aurora also offers ongoing, cost-effective maintenance. This covers irrigation, plant care, plant replacement, nutrient replacement and lighting for plant growth. Their vertical gardens require minimal water usage, yet will flourish for years to come.

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