Atlantis Aurora are green roof and rooftop garden specialists. With 40 year of experience of creating living roofs in Australia and overseas, they are more than capable of ensuring your project with be a success and deliver value for money. Their team includes scientists, engineers, horticulturalists, architects and landscape designers. All of this technical knowledge combines to create beautiful spaces for any project

Green roofs are not a new concept. They have been used around the world for centuries, especially in Western Europe. They are a great way to unlock extra space, especially in expanding cities. Rooftops can be developed into social and recreational spaces, or used for urban agriculture.

Increasing the density of greenery in urban environment will, of course, have a number of benefits. Green roofs reduce greenhouse gas emissions by lower energy consumption. They reduce the amount of energy required to heat or cool a building by providing natural insulation against weather outside. The impact of the urban heat island effect – where urban areas are made hotter due to human activity – will also be reduced.

Green roofs also reduce the impact of storm water runoff on water management infrastructure and fish habitats. They also act as great filters, so the water runoff is cleaner.  

The roof membrane of green roofs lasts longer than that of traditional roofs thanks to better temperature regulation.

Atlantis Aurora offers professional design services along with installation. Their green roofs have an innovative leak detection system and are easy to maintain.

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