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The Garsy® Greenwall system is a simple, easy to install vertical garden system which provides a traditional ‘dig in’ gardening experience in commercial areas that are ‘space poor’.

Plants grow in their natural vertical plane. No pots. No liners or hydroponic systems are required.

The Greenwall can be completely covered with vegetation on one, two, three or four sides. The units can also be free standing or used as a ‘living’ wall hedge or screen.

Garsy® Greenwall is ideal for:

  • Aged Care facilities
  • Shopping centres
  • Office Buildings
  • Public Gardens
  • Apartments

Garsy® Greenwall can also be customised to fit around windows and doors and also comes in double sided modular DIY kits at 1200mm high called Mobiwall.

How does the system work?

The Garsy® Greenwall compromises a set of powder coated uprights into which are hooked/attached galvanised steel baskets. An integrated irrigation system is included.

The base of each perforated basket is also removable, enabling the large volume of potting media/soil to be ‘open’ from top to bottom of the wall if desired, promoting maximum growth conditions. The Garsy® Greenwall does not dry out like traditional large pots/planters thus conserving water and making maintenance less stressful during the warmer months.

The Garsy® Greenwall can be installed against a wall as baskets can be removed from the double sided version.

For installation against an unstable fence for example, Garsy® Greenwall has optional base plates for added safety and support.


The Garsy® Mobiwall is a simple, DIY kit which is portable, making it ideal for use at exhibitions and events.

Mobiwalls use less water than traditional potted displays and are suitable for a vast range of edible and decorative plants.

Plants grow in their natural vertical plane. The system can also be moved around by forklift when fully planted. No excavation is required.

Garsy® Mobiwall is ideal for –

  • Outdoor dining spaces
  • Recreation areas
  • Instant hedging
  • Rooftop gardens, courtyards 


The Garsy® vertical garden is a portable, freestanding tower which is plantable on all sides.

The vertical gardens bring a stunning aesthetic feature to open public spaces and corporate premises. Plants grow in their natural vertical plane. No pots. No liners or hydroponic systems are required.

A flat backed version is also available for installation against a wall or entrance.

Garsy® vertical gardens are ideal for –

  • Footpaths
  • Aged care facilities
  • Shopping centres
  • Office buildings
  • Public gardens

The DIY kit comprises a set of steel rings or tiers, which are attached to a central shaft fixed to a base. The narrowest vertical garden is the flat backed Cascade with only a 700mm footprint.

How does the system work?

Assembly takes less than two hours using gloves, a spanner and a spirit level. No hydroponic systems are required. No excavation or disturbance of underground services is needed.

The system can be installed over open, level ground or on top of hard surfaces. For installation in public open spaces, all units can be bolted down through the base if required. Castors can be attached under the base of units for rotation if needed.

A Garsy® vertical garden does not dry out like traditional large pots/planters thus conserves water and makes maintenance less stressful during the warmer months. A wide range of foliage, flowers and food plants thrive in this system. The original prototype of 1999 is still performing well.

The Garsy Range can be sourced through KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions. 

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