Atlantis Aurora has installed a new green wall on the street frontage of the Australian Hotel, located in Mackay, Queensland. The 17m2 vertical garden is part of Mackay City Council’s plan to revitalise the city centre.

Atlantis Aurora were contracted to supply and install their Gro-wall 4® technology. Gro-Wall is particularly well suited to the hot climate in Mackay with each plant receiving perfect growing conditions. Robert Griffith, project manager of Atlantis Aurora, selected suitable tropical plants, designed the growing media and integrated the irrigation with the city services.

Sustainability lies at the heart of Atlantis Aurora’s operations and they ensured local materials and service providers were used at every step of the installation process. This not only helped the local economy, but also maximised the environmental benefits of the project.

“We are delighted with the results from all of the local tradesmen who worked on it for us, and we hope our tenants can enjoy the benefits of it as well as get a business boost from the refurbishment,” said Mr Glanville, owner of the Australian Hotel.

The Mackay revitalisation has improved the streetscape and the residents feel more comfortable, happy and secure as a result. The stormwater management, improved biodiversity and reduced urban heat island effect has also benefited the city.

“Works done on this historic building under Council’s façade improvement scheme have revitalized the look of our City Centre,” said Mackay Mayor Greg Williamson.

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