BioPin is a 100% biodegradable pin used to anchor erosion control blankets and turf. An Environmentally friendly alternative to wire pins with superior anchoring strength. It is a Polyhrydroxyalkanoate plastic made from naturally occurring plant sugars and vegetable oils. It is installed using an BioPin Applicator, which is light weight, quick and easy to use.


  • 100% Biodegradable in accordance to ASTM5338 and ASTM5271
  • Barbed Shoulders and head for superior holding
  • Water resistant and will not soften from moisture during storage
  • Environmentally friendly option to wire pins

Applicator Features:

  • Quicker installation process using the BioPin Applicator
  • Applicator will install the 100mm and 150mm BioPins
  • Light weight and easy to use


  • Pinning erosion blankets
  • Wetlands and irrigation areas
  • Coastal projects
  • Gold course construction
  • Environmentally sensitive projects
  • Turf Pinning

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