Over four years, works were undertaken on regeneration and revegetation sites in the Kellyville and Rouse Hill areas.
The requirement was for large detention basins that could contain the 1 in 100 year flood and be fully vegetated with reconstructed bushland communities characteristic of Cumberland Plain Woodland and Sydney Coast River-flat Forest.
The revegetation work comprised native trees, shrubs and grasses; with over 70 species of native plants being planted.  All plant material was required to be of local provenance, and was collected and grown-on for the project.  The revegetation area was approximately 14.5 hectares.  Seed collection took place over the first two growing seasons (i.e. two years) of the contract. This duration enabled enough seed to be collected ensuring production of the large number of plants that where required, that being approximately 1.7 million plants.
Revegetation works carried out over a 5-6 month period included:
• several sites required to be sprayed out to control weeds as there was no sign of remnant native plants due to heavy farming in the previous decades.
• a rural rabbit proof fence was installed around all boundaries.
• ameliorants were added to enhance the soil condition.
• cultivation of the soil to provide friable soft soil for improved plant growing conditions.
• placement of erosion control matting and rock spillways where risk of erosion could occur.
• approximately 9,000 cubic metres of composted mulch spread to control weeds and in turn add additional nutrients to the soil.
• an irrigation system being installed.
• propagation of number of plants required, and planting where revegetation was required.
As the planting commenced and progressed, water trucks followed, watering plants as they were planted.  Plant conditions and soil moisture were monitored daily enabling plants to be watered as required.  Our bush regeneration team followed the planting, undertaking weed control.
Direct seeding trials of native grasses were undertaken over a one hectare site at Second Ponds Creek. A monitoring program was put in place, suitable for producing data for publication in reputable scientific journals.  Cumberland Plains Seeds assisted with their knowledge and seed collection, and is continually monitoring the site. The direct seeding has been a significant success and, once monitoring is complete, additional data will provide further scientific results.

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