In August 2015, Timberwolf took on its largest project to date - Oakdale Industrial Estate. Over six weeks a crew of four Timberwolf planters installed 260,000 native tubestock, part of a massive revegetation project comprising the environmental offset planting for Goodman’s new industrial precinct in Eastern Creek, NSW. Overseen by Greater West Landscapes (GW), the project restored the sensitive riparian zone of a creekline, installing a rich diversity of plants representative of the area’s native ecosystems, achieving significant environmental outcomes for the area.

This was no ordinary revegetation project - the species variation was complex and densities called for were exact. Planters were required to alternate species across 16m2 plots, calling for attention and precision. Timberwolf’s crew boss for the project worked closely with the Superintendent / Ecologist, Kat Duchatel of Ecologique, helping to manage plant identification and ecosystem zoning. Reflecting on this partnership, Kat Duchatel reported that Timberwolf was “a great team, professional and very well organised. A pleasure to work with you all, made my job easy.”

As well as the environmental outcomes, careful scheduling and flexibility allowed GW to work in easy alignment with Timberwolf, ensuring irrigation, land preparation and damage repairs were carried out with efficiency and ease.

At first glance, the volume and speed of the planting is the most striking aspect of this project. However, what made this partnership remarkable was Timberwolf’s organisational capabilities and exactitude. GW was able to pass responsibility for plant installation over to Timberwolf, freeing up a significant proportion of their own personnel, allowing GW to focus on other projects while Timberwolf concentrated on achieving a quality final outcome for Oakdale.

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