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Founded in 2007, Felco provides a vehicle for the distribution in Australia of pruning equipment from its Swiss parent company, as well as a range of other quality products from reputable suppliers.

Below are two key Felco products, designed for all pruning and cutting professionals worldwide.


This traditional Felo model features forged aluminium handles guaranteed to last a lifetime. Swiss-made Felco secateurs assure clean, precise cutting with optimum comfort and safety. A wide range of replaceable parts ensure that Felco is the tool for life.


Swiss-made Essentiel secateurs are a new release from Felco, designed especially for smaller hands. Felco Essentiel features ergonomic, durable, light-weight handles and traditional Felco strength and quality. The Felco Essentiel is competitively priced.

Both the Felco secateurs and the Essentiel secateurs are available at leading hardware and garden centres.

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