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Outdoor Design Source is Australia’s most comprehensive annual directory servicing the external works industry. Featuring more than 500 pages of landscaping and external works products and services, Outdoor Design Source is the essential reference for anyone involved in the external works industry.

2008 was a great year for ODS with Publishers Australia naming Outdoor Design Source the


at the annual Bell Awards.

The ODS team has started work on the 2010 edition of the directory. Now in its 12th year, Outdoor Design Source has evolved as Australia’s No.1 publication targeting specifiers and key members of the external works industry including councils, property developers, landscape contractors, architects and designers, builders and other key project managers.

Each year, the ODS team works to ensures that the directory is reaching the right people – the people advertisers want to target. The ODS Team is continually researching and adding to its distribution database of specifiers within the external works industry. Distribution incorporates all facets of government (especially Local Government), parks, tourism and leisure, property development, environmental management, nurseries, irrigation, horticulture, lighting, hard and soft landscaping, and the list goes on.

In addition to the annual directory, Outdoor Design Source is supported online at www.outdoordesign.com.au and receives 60,000+ unique visitors each month.

Advertising sales for the 2010 Outdoor Design Source Directory are now open. To secure your place in Australia’s premier publication for the external works industry, contact National Sales & Publishing Manager, Emil Montibeler, on 0411 424 335 or email emontibeler@universalmagazines.com.au

Alternatively, you can contact your state representatives on:


Pilar Danlag – 0414 468 243
John Oliver – 0417 316 820


Deborah Hainsworth – 0411 424 356


Bonnie Sullivan – 0407 072 325


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