Green outdoor room in the heart of Melbourne

Green outdoor room in the heart of Melbourne | Origin-Balcony-1 | ODS

Inspired by the growing trend for green spaces within urban centres, origin has constructed an outdoor room at its National Customer Contact Centre in Melbourne, Victoria.

Designed specially for Origin employees by celebrity gardener and Origin green ambassador Jamie Durie, the garden is located on the balcony of level 7 at 271 Collins Street – in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.

Jamie and his team from Patio, together with Ian Barker and Associates, transformed what was previously a concrete space into a contemporary landscaped balcony area that embraces sustainable principles.

The balcony garden is designed to encourage creativity and outdoor activity, while providing a place for Origin’s people to relax and interact in an engaging, communal setting.

Innovative design elements of the garden include:

• A 10m diameter area of timber decking for use as a yoga or tai chi space. Encircled by bench seating around the perimeter, the area is surrounded by pre-grown lattice screens which create a wall of green and sense of clam seclusion for those on the deck.

• Breakout areas in the form of sunken and stepping decks.

• A more private open-ended ‘cocoon’ that holds up to six people. Made from a new outdoor sustainable material, it invites people to socialise, take time out for lunch or simply relax and enjoy the unique city views.

• Barbeque and entertaining covered area under a pergola.

• Outdoor lounge seating among plants.

• Two 3,000 litre rainwater tanks for efficient plant watering.

All plants used in the garden are allergy free, in addition to being drought tolerant and hardy.

The garden incorporates lighter soils and materials, native and drought-tolerant plants, sustainable principles and innovative landscape building techniques. The garden is a reflection of Origin’s principles and values.

Origin has recognised that green spaces within the urban landscape offer relief and a great amenity potential for employees.

Origin is Australia’s leading integrated energy company.

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