Combine nature and traffic areas with Boddingtons

Combine nature and traffic areas with Boddingtons | boddingtons | ODS

Boddington’s innovative landscape products such as BodPave™ and GrassProtecta® allow the use of turf and other natural surfaces with the durability of hard surfaces.

BodPave™ Paving System

- a simple-to-use, heavy duty alternative paving system that allows the use of turf, gravel or other fillings for areas such as driveways, access roads, car parks and footpaths while providing the stability of traditional impermeable hard surfaces. BodPave is a cost effective alternative to metal grids to reduce compaction around trees, and offers a solution where a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) is specified or preferred.


– an innovative heavy duty mesh available in 2 grades for applying on existing or new turf, gravel or similar surfaces. GrassProtecta provides a surface that is able to withstand vehicles of up to 10 tonne axle weight. Ideal for boat or caravan parking areas, cart paths, overflow or temporary car parks, or anywhere traffic wear needs to be managed.

Sentree™ Tree Guards

– heavy duty HDPE tree guards available in a range of heights from 300mm to 1.2 metres. Sentree is available in 50 metre rolls that allow you to tailor your guards to your needs.

Specialty Meshes

– Boddingtons offers a large variety of specialty meshes including garden meshes, Windbreak Mesh, turf protection Mesh and a host of products suitable for many purposes. Boddingtons also produces an extensive range of civil, industrial and safety products including detectable and non-detectable underground warning tapes and barrier mesh of different grades and colours.

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