S.V.C Brings the Curves

S.V.C Brings the Curves | SVC71-2017041114918915874604 | ODS

Landscape architecture firm MALA studio was commissioned by Places Victoria to develop a masterplan to revitalise the dilapidated eastern portion of Docklands Park. The area will be transformed into a thriving cultural and recreational hub, housing community buildings, multi-purpose courts, public art and the newly relocated MPavilion.

S.V.C Products Pty Ltd was chosen by construction company Maben Group to manufacture large curving precast concrete benches, to be combined with timber S.V.C Brings the Curves | SVC72-2017041114918915876123 | ODS S.V.C Brings the Curves | SVC73-2017041114918915874406 | ODS S.V.C Brings the Curves | SVC74-2017041114918915875113 | ODS S.V.C Brings the Curves | SVC75-2017041114918915872236 | ODS elements to produce a range of hybrid seating for Docklands Park. The elegant, undulating benches find balance within the gentle green lawns and gardens, providing the perfect shaded spot for a relaxing lunch break away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

S.V.C Products is a long-standing Victorian precast concrete manufacturing company, with decades of experience clearly demonstrated in the premium quality and finish of its precast concrete products. Since 1948, the company has serviced local contractors with its expansive range of products used in a range of civil, stormwater and industrial applications.

S.V.C promotes separate product and service offerings to a wide network of landscape architecture and urban design professionals. These offerings include concrete seating, planters, signage, bollards, paving and various other landscape features.

With their expertise in precast concrete manufacturing, the team at S.V.C can provide fully customised solutions that meet special design requirements such as unique shapes, finishes, colours or surface finishes.

The full control and flexibility within their production process makes S.V.C a trusted supplier of architectural concrete elements for a range of commercial, retail and domestic settings.

For more information on the SVC product range, visit their website at www.svc.com.au

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