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Product : pinnacle+ rope structures

There is a focus on climbing...and more climbing with the pinnacle+ range of rope structures. Easy to grip, safe to climb, and fun to use, these structures come in an endless array of variations, which are not only fun and exciting, but also help to develop motor skills, build strength and improve balance and coordination.

Constructed from robust materials, including the tough, vandal resistant and extra strong wire cored rope, pinnacle+ rope climbing structures are designed to last the distance in a wide variety of situations.

Steel Frame StructuresWith a pinnacle+ steel frame structure, your play area will stand out from the rest.

These European style structures are available in an array of shapes, sizes and colours, and add a distinctive focus to the World of Play, with high visual appeal and enormous play value from complex rope jungles.

Centre Mast StructuresCentre mast structures are for the climber and are perfect for kids (and even adults!) that love height and a climbing challenge.

Centre mast structures provide a huge playing surface area that enable a large number of users to play at the same time. They are available in a range of different heights and styles, ranging from a pirate tower to the more traditional pyramid style, and up to an awesome 9.3 metres high. Some styles are even available in a twin variation (or more) to create a mountain range effect.

Centre mast structures.... the ultimate climbing challenge to satisfy that climbing instinct.

Modular Structurespinnacle+ modular structures are for those that want to try everything. Climbing, balancing, swinging, hanging - these structures have it all.

As well as being ideal as freestanding units, modular structures can also be positioned abutting a platform structure, to create the ultimate playground complex. Let your creativity run free.

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adventure+ has an over 30-year track record of providing innovative playground adventures for thousands of children across Australia. We are well known for high equipment quality, innovative playground design, Standards compliance and impressive service.

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