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As the industry continues to develop new and exciting ways to manipulate materials for structure, aesthetic, strength and form, the need for teams who understand premium quality material cutting and bending grows.

The technical and engineering team at Think Laser is one such company that delivers on outstanding service and forefront industry expertise in custom, quality products. The team are able to design, document and manufacture products utilising the latest industry software and machinery.

“Our new laser profiling facility houses the modern technology we need to provide the speed and quality of service we want to offer,” says founding director Jonathan Rollison.

Proudly Australian owned, Think Laser services a global clientbase with their design and custom fabrication of a range of products that meet individual specifications. In addition to cutting and processing sheet and hollow metal sections and composites, Think Laser will engrave, finish and install high-quality products based on custom designs.

Think Laser offers the following services:

  • Design CAD and CAM
  • Façade cladding
  • Laser cutting
  • Robot welding
  • Bending and folding sheet and hollow metal

“Components and work pieces may flow through one or all our production departments. These include profiling, bending, machining, welding, fitting, finishing and installation. We are a true one-stop option for customers with simple or complex steel, aluminium and stainless steel requirements for their business” says Jonathan.

Think Laser pride themselves on their quality and expertise, and will deliver products with 100% consistency; no hidden costs and all within a reliable delivery timeframe.

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