Collecting rainwater just got smarter

Collecting rainwater just got smarter | everhard_1_l | ODS

Everhard’s RAIN IQ™ Intelligent Rainwater Systems can capture up to 100% of total roof area and divert rainwater to a single downpipe without the need of additional underground pipe work around the home.

Everhard Industries’ new rainwater harvesting product called RAIN IQ™ is the most advanced rainwater harvesting product on the market today. RAIN IQ™ has the ability to capture up to 100% of the total roof area by using your existing guttering system around the home. This is achieved by using RAIN IQ™ unique downpipe diverters to divert the rainwater to a single tank inlet. When installed, RAIN IQ™ can reduce mains water consumption by up to 50% by increasing rainwater usage throughout the home.

RAIN IQ™ uses a ‘dry system’ installation, eliminating the associated problems caused by ‘wet system’ installations. Traditional volumetric first flush devices are a thing of the past as RAIN IQ™ provides homeowners with the latest advancement in first flush technology allowing you to adjust the first flush to suit climate and site conditions at the touch of your fingertips by selecting a selected time period. RAIN IQ™ is fully automatic using ‘Rain Sensing Technology’ supplying rainwater to the tank when it is required and eliminating the issue of constant overflowing of above ground rainwater tanks.

RAIN IQ™ complies with the Building Code of Australia and provides a fail-safe system with dual overflow protection on each downpipe to stop the gutter from overflowing. RAIN IQ™ can be installed on new and existing homes and suits both rectangular and round downpipes.

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