Heavyweight Permeable Paving

Heavyweight Permeable Paving | cirtex10-2017031314893870993380 | ODS

SurePave® permeable paving panels from Cirtex are the ideal solution for reinforcing grass, gravel and decorative stone in highly stressed areas, such as vehicle parking, driveways, golf courses, parks or hard-stand areas for boats, trailers or caravans.

The robust cellular design of SurePave offers a perfect paving alternative to concrete while still maintaining all the benefits of a hard pavement. Porous and free draining, SurePave® allows water to be absorbed Heavyweight Permeable Paving | cirtex11-2017031314893870995122 | ODS Heavyweight Permeable Paving | cirtex12-2017031314893870998348 | ODS Heavyweight Permeable Paving | cirtex13-2017031314893870993143 | ODS Heavyweight Permeable Paving | cirtex14-2017031314893870992823 | ODS easily, creating a safe and functional surface that is natural and attractive.

Significant features of SurePave® paving panels include a unique positive interlocking system to ensure panels are held in place, a small panel size for ease of transport and installation, and the ability to withstand loads of over 700 tonnes per square metre when filled.

If you need a paving solution that encompasses style and functionality that can withstand heavy duty use for years to come, look no further than the SurePave® Paving System.

To find out more about the SurePave® permeable paving system visit Cirtex at www.cirtex.com.au

P   1800 012 681
E   info@cirtex.com.au
W  www.cirtex.com.au

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