by EJ

South Bank Corporation, the body responsible for this unique part of Brisbane, Queensland, is constantly updating and improving the experience for all members of the community.

Most recently, they have added a new gymnastic playground for kids aged 2 to 15 years, surrounded by blooming gardens, barbecue shelters and lawns so parents and carers can keep an eye on their active charges.

Throughout this beautifully groomed area, set discreetly into the lush green lawns, are several galvanized steel drainage grates by EJ that can easily cope with the heaviest, meanest storms Brisbane weather can dish out.

South Bank is home to a wide variety of EJ grates and access covers, with and without infills, ductile iron, galvanized iron; sump covers, electrical and other utility covers, including storm water and sewerage.

Some of these items have been in the ground since the parkland’s inception while other items like the galv grates in the new playground area are brand new. What does this say about EJ and the built to last quality?

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