by SABdrain

SABdrain Drainage Channels has been developed to meet the ever challenging needs of surface water collection and migration made from polyproplene (PP) plastic a state-of-art material known for its good mechanical chemical and heat resistance along with robust secure grating the SABdrain Surface Drainage System is the ideal solution for areas that are not only subject to heavy vehicular movements but also more demanding situations such as chemical plants, slaughterhouses, waste dumps etc.

The advanced modular design of the SABdrain channels facilitates rapid easy assembly and installation utilising 'Interlocking Joint Connections' that permit a rigid water-tight fitting together of the units preventing lateral and vercal displacement The channels
smooth rounded internal surface's assists in the self cleaning action of the drainage system by permitting the rapid dispersal of an accumulated deposits through the high flow of water.

Whether being used around the home or in high traffic areas SABdrain’s grating has been designed to meet the toughest of challenges in being able to drain quickly and reliable offering maximum discharge capacity to the drainage system it's unique ‘Click-Clack' fixing for Residential and Class A Rated Grates offers rapid and reliable securing to the channel system while still being able to be removed with ease for access the drainage system. Class B and D Rated Grates are equipped with security fixings for the securement of the drainage system from unauthorised access.

With the ever increasing requirements of hydraulic design for suitable surface drainage SABdrain’s Surface Drainage Systems is the professional's choice for a complete long lasting and cost-effective drainage solution to meet the demands of every situation.

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