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Unbeatable Floordrain Objects are appearing in the best coastal hotel balconies, apartment buildings, commercial kitchens, hospitals, fast food outlets and poolside at resorts. They are made by EJ, Planet Earth’s major manufacturer and distributor of robust roof and floor drains.

For inner space or outer space, our inventory includes a full range from 100mm tops to suit 50mm pipe right up to 300mm tops to suit 150mm pipe. Accessories such as stainless steel strainer baskets, planter couplings and flushing connections are also on tap. Special vinyl clamp rings, cover plates, high security grates and specialist bolts are also on the shelf and ready for prompt delivery to your site.

So why EJ? Plumbers across Australia are discovering that EJ stainless steel floor drains are made to stand up to heavier traffic loads from foot traffic, delivery trolleys, the postie’s bike and even cars driving onto the footpath. So they last. For decades.

Manufactured with more metal than many others, EJ drains are unbeatable. You may pay a tiny premium for EJ but the value’s in its performance in harsh environments where it doesn’t ‘dish out’ and fatigue when the first heavy load runs across it.

Using the more expensive ‘lost wax’ investment casting method ensures an extremely bright and clean finish, free of impurities. And the lustre lasts, too. EJ drains also feature a patented anti-slip top surface. They can be directly fitted into the pipes with our dual o-ring system. If you need a floor body with a membrane clamp or adjustable height, order our floor bodies in traditional cast iron and new light weight plastic. We’ve got everything under the sun.

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