The intersection of Forest Road and Stoney Creek Road in Bexley, south of Sydney, presented designers with a number of drainage problems during high rainfall periods.

One of the problems was that the existing kerb and gutter was now inadequate for the busy location.

Additonally, the inlet pits were spaced too far apart to capture all of the road’s surface water, which resulted in a wide flow of water along the roadway, creating potential hazards for motorists.

Another issue was that pedestrians on the footpath were continually being splashed by the passing traffic.

The designers specified ACO’s TraffikDrain with HiFlo grates as it is a continuous high intake trench drain ensuring that all of the surface stormwater is captured.

The versatility of the TraffikDrain system enabled Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates to be installed in the channel at the road crossings to ensure a safe passage for pedestrians, prams and cyclists.

Specifier: J. Wyndam Prince
Product Featured: TraffikDrain TD300 with HiFlo and Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates
Other ACO Products Used: ACO Drain® trench drains

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