The Brisbane RNA Showground regeneration will be the largest urban renewal project ever undertaken in Queensland with an estimated cost of $2.9 billion.

The area is a vibrant new destination where 15,000 people will live, work and play. Stage one of the project included the transformation of the historic Industrial Pavilion into a world class convention and exhibition centre.

The designers wanted to retain the historic theme, linking the Industrial Pavilion with the new buildings.

The pavements were required to be level for pedestrian and wheelchair safety and also to cater for the wheel loads from heavy duty vehicles.

ACO’s PowerDrain was chosen for several reasons. The Iron grate provides an industrial appearance and the R10 slip resistance rating to AS 4586 ensures pedestrian safety.

The 0.5% built-in fall in the channel run ensures efficient drainage of the level pavement.

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Product Featured: PowerDrain S300K with Iron Intercept Heelsafe® Anti-Slip Grates
Other ACO Products Used: Grated pits, access covers, cable pits and other trench drain systems.

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