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Top tips from Jason Hodges and Adbri Masonry

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get your outdoor area ready for family and friends to enjoy. The holiday break provides a great opportunity to tackle all those jobs you’ve been meaning to do and give your outdoor area a quick, easy and inexpensive facelift.

“There are lots of simple projects that can be done around the garden that don’t take too much time or cost too much money but can have a huge impact,” explained, landscape expert and Adbri Masonry brand ambassador, Jason Hodges. “Get the whole family involved and give your outdoor space a good sprucing up before the in-laws arrive for the holidays.”

Here are some simple ways to transform your garden this holiday season:

1) Mulch garden beds
Mulching garden beds is a cheap and easy investment in your garden. It is vital for retaining moisture and stabilising the soil temperature and is great for keeping weeds at bay. It will instantly improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the garden and bring it back to life.

2) Install garden edging
Garden edging is perfect for giving the garden a cleaner look and creating definition between the lawn and garden beds, not to mention making maintenance a breeze down the track. This is a relatively simple project with little set up required. There are lots of different shapes and styles of garden edge to choose to complement the character of your garden. A great tip when choosing the right solution is to try and match the colour of your gutters or pillars to make sure your garden will match your home. I opt for the Garden Edge blocks from Bunnings or the Miniwall blocks which can be used to create corners or curves.

3) Build a garden path
Building a stepping stone side path is a great way to bring wasted space down the side of your house back to life. Use large format pavers and separate with decorative pebbles or mondo grass for great effect. Remember to space steppers accordingly, a good tip is to walk normally and “step out” the path, marking each place your feet land – this is where you should place your pavers (though be sure to keep little ones in mind!)

4) Power wash the driveway and paved areas
Bring your driveway or any paved area back to life with a power wash or gerni. It’s quick and easy to do and will not only improve the appearance; but by removing any oil or moss can also improve the slip resistance of the surface. It’s a cost effective solution that anyone in the family can do.

5) Re-turf worn lawn areas
Replacing old or damaged turf is a quick way to enhance the look of your home. Healthy turf will bring a bright, fresh appearance to your outdoor space and this simple project is a great finishing touch that family and friends will be sure to notice over the Christmas break.

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