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Situated to the south of Doha in Qatar, the Hamad International Airport, formerly known as the New Doha International Airport, is due to open in the first quarter of 2014. Featuring the world’s second longest runway, the Hamad International airport has been designed to accommodate unrestricted operations by all commercial aircraft, including the A380, the largest passenger aircraft ever built. The passenger experience will be second to none, with no expense being spared to ensure the provision of unrivalled services, coupled with unparalleled operational efficiency.

Lead by a client with exacting standards, HUB Street Equipment has worked closely with LDP in Auckland to design a series of unique public domain elements befitting of this world class, international transportation hub. These elements include a 28m high-mast light pole, a multi-functional pole system, a flag pole, a suite of furniture and a unique, air conditioned bus shelter.

The ‘hero’ of this comprehensive suite of elements is the 28m high-mast pole. Designed to provide a memorable experience along the main access thoroughfare leading to the Hamad International Airport, Ras Abu Abboud Road, this pole features arabesque pattered cladding that is back lit with colour changing RGB LEDs to create a dramatic night time experience for visitors arriving or departing Doha.

The flag pole and multi-functional street light poles carry the design language established by the 28m high-mast pole, by featuring the same style of calligraphic patterning on the base cladding as well as matching light outreach and luminaire housing designs.
A suite of street furniture elements including a bench, bin, bollard and drinking fountain have also been designed to complement the family of HUB designed products. Simple forms and opulent materials provide the necessary balance against the application of the detailed arabesque patterning which is also internally illuminated with RGB LEDs.

In order to ensure passenger comfort between the long term car park and the terminal, HUB has also designed a unique air conditioned bus shelter which provides passengers with a climate controlled sanctuary while waiting for the regular shuttle service to and from the main terminal.

The HUB designed street equipment featured at the Hamad International Airport ensures the quality of the public domain elements matches the standards set throughout the entire development.
Project Particulars:
Project: Hamad International Airport
Client: NDIA
Lighting Design: Lighting Design Partnership
Custom Design & Supply: HUB

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