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A major redevelopment of this once under-utilised public site has brought new life to the local community.

Dohles Rocks Road Foreshore in Griffin, Queensland, has in the past been a ‘hidden gem’ for public river access. The foreshore, which lies on the north bank of the Pine River, was frequented up until recently mostly by locals and fishermen. But its redevelopment by The Landscape Construction Company (TLCC) has stimulated new interest in this public site.

Moreton Bay Regional Council commissioned TLCC to transform the under-utilised existing foreshore park, which contained sparse facilities, and create a more vibrant, updated and useable council asset.

TLCC was the principal contractor for Moreton Bay Regional Council on the project. They were responsibility for the entire site and all works, including soft and hard landscaping, kerb and channelling, line marking, minor civil works, drainage, signage, electrical works, safety and environment.

A spokesperson from Moreton Bay Regional Council congratulated TLCC on their workmanship and professionalism, stating, “Stage 1 of the Dohles Rocks Road Foreshore Redevelopment is an outstanding success.”

Director and Master Landscaper at TLCC, Andrew Bottomley, says, ”users of the space can now enjoy an attractive, multi-functional parkland facility, which can cater for larger numbers.”

“This project is another great example of TLCC’s ability to deliver quality public infrastructure for the Moreton Bay Regional Council, on time and on budget”, he added.

The project included installation of the following facilities:

  • Picnic shelters (x3)
  • Electric barbecues (x2)
  • Picnic tables and seating
  • Casual seats
  • Playground
  • Upgraded boat ramp
  • Concrete seating wall
  • Turf areas
  • Fish cleaning stations
  • Revamped parking bays

The foreshore landscaping was designed with the stunning views of the Pine River in mind, and the existing rock revetment sea wall is still available for residents to ‘wet’ a fishing line and clean a fish when successful.

Apprehensive local residents were wary about the changes to their quiet area at first. But now the project is completed with minimal disturbance, they agree it was well and truly worth it. 

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