A stunning historical corridor in Townsville City links the new Townsville station to the old. Landscape architects and urban
designers, Terrain’s outstanding project commemorates the importance of rail in Townsville and North Queensland to
sustain the growing gold and copper mining boom of the early 20th century.

Completed in 2011, Terrain’s Ceremonial Corridor replaced a disused rail line with a pedestrian corridor for public use incorporating heritage buildings such as a signalman’s hut, interpretative public art, historical rail infrastructure and signage. The
pathway now links the new station to the old and the central business district beyond. Signs explain the history of rail transforming
the corridor into a fascinating historical walk.

Design of the corridor was extremely important both practically and historically. The corridor acts as a major component of the pedestrian network for Townsville City. It also represents a heritage trail commemorating the significance of rail in
Townsville and North Queensland as a major facilitator in its development. The corridor was essential in transport for World War II
troop trains, goods haulage, primary industry produce and public transport.

Key features in the project include restoration of workshops for public interest and re-use, heritage buildings and historic
infrastructure incorporated into the interpretative experience of the corridor. Heritage architects Jacqui Pearce Architects
lent their considerable experience with this. Public artwork elements describe the history of rail in North Queensland and were
designed by artists Stephen Trotter, Margot Douglas and Project Services.

To make the project a true feast of the senses, a wealth of materials were used including attractive coloured, textured concrete paving, exposed aggregate concrete and granite setts. A number of contractors aided with this including Wagner (North Queensland) and Adbri. This paving is flanked by retaining walls composed of coloured exposed aggregate block work.

Complementing the building work are lush gardens evoking the sequence of environments along the rail networks of North Queenlsand ranging from coastal, dry, arid, sub-tropical, savannah to the wet tropic.

The result is a unique walk through the history of Queensland rail and a landscape that truly engages the viewer on a journey
of the senses.


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Ph: 07 3252 1977

Project Particulars:

Architect: Mode Design
Civil Engineer: UDP
Contractor: Honeycombe Constructions
Electrical Engineer: SPA
Concrete: Wagner (North Queensland)
Concrete Blocks: Adbri
Coloured Concrete: Coloured Concrete Systems (CCS)
Artworks: Stephen Trotter, Margot Douglas and Project Services

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