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Replas, a manufacturer of recycled-plastic products, was called upon to assist the City of Port Phillip replace a small wooden boardwalk that was in disrepair at St Kilda West Beach Foreshore, in Victoria. The council wanted an alternative that was natural and would blend in with the environment, as well as be suitable to the flora and fauna of the area.

Completed mid-2010, the project saw Replas supply Enduroplank™ recycled plastic decking with a composite sub-structure for the project.

The council worked with a landscape architect to design a boardwalk that had a recycled plastic deck and a composite fibre base. The result is a 300 metre boardwalk made from Enduroplank™ with a sand coloured composite fibre sub-structure that blends in with the beach location.

The boardwalk contains no metal or timber, giving it a greater life expectancy and reduced maintenance costs. The boardwalk is raised to protect the flora and fauna in the surrounding area. Three floating pathways leading to the beach also encourage visitors to keep to the path to help preserve this sensitive environment. Off-cuts of the recycled plastic decking were able to be collected and again recycled into three seats which now sit on the boardwalk.

The Enduroplank™ decking is made from recycled plastic which is low maintenance and long lasting. It will not split, rot, crack or need painting and is resistant to termites, microorganisms and moisture. The sub-structure is made from composite fibre which offers high strength, low weight and long service life. It is not prone to the corrosion, rot or shrinkage experienced with other more traditional materials.

The result is nothing short of exemplary. Not only environmentally sensible, the new boardwalk is now an asset to the St Kilda West Beach Foreshore.


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Project Particulars:

Client: City of Port Phillip
Landscape Architect: Alison Breach

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