by HUB Street Equipment

Central Park is described by Frasers, the developer, as “the missing piece of the puzzle that completes Sydney’s colourful inner-city landscape. Offering a collection of boutique shops, galleries, parks, laneways, cafes, restaurants and bars, each venue is infused with the distinctive scent of energy, intellect and optimism.”

HUB Street Equipment was invited by Frasers to contribute to this vision. Taking Ateliers Jean Nouvel concept for a floating blade seat to echo the thrill of the Sky Garden, cantilevered 20 stories overhead. HUB refined the concept, detailed designed, prototyped and fabricated this unique stainless steel seat.

Located in the central sunken courtyard, the seats offer refuge and a place for people to meet in a space that connects high end retail and food outlets to the surrounding park and open spaces. The seat design and material choice also reflect the surrounding contemporary architectural forms and materiality.

HUB worked closely with Frasers and the architect developing and testing options that achieved the significant cantilever while not compromising the ultra-thin profile of the seat. Options explored alternative materials and arrangements including stone and timber, utilised elsewhere in the courtyard, as well as various lighting solutions.

During the prototype phase, alternative construction methods were tested, design details were refined and finishing methods trialled. The design also considered the fabrication lead times so as to complement the complex construction program.

The single piece of folded stainless steel acts like a skin, concealing the structural steel framework underneath. Uninterrupted by welds and fabrication joints, the covering is easily maintained and, if necessary, slipped off and replaced. The simplicity of the design veils the complex engineering and fabrication process used to achieve the substantial cantilever.

Through close collaboration and a willingness to exploring ideas, HUB was instrumental in providing a pivotal piece to the puzzle that is Central Park.
Project Particulars:
Project: Central Park Seating
Client: Frasers Property
Architect/Designer: Jean Nouvel
Detail Design & Supply: HUB

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