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Rhino Grating’s custom designed walkway of steel lily pads features in the international award-winning, Botanic Gardens. The Australian Garden was created by Taylor Cullity Lethlean (TCL) and features steel lily pads manufactured by Rhino Grating to meet specific design and performance criteria. This stunning artistic walkway is manufactured in circular components from galvanised steel and meets the brief for integrating native flora with innovative design and high-performance materials.

The Australian Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne, Victoria won the prestigious International Landscape of the Year Award for 2013 at the World Architecture Festival. This award recognises the artistry of landscape architecture. The winning project covers 15 hectares and showcases 170,000 Australian native plants within a bold contemporary design. The jury commented that “The gardens showcase the journey of water through the Australian landscape, from the dessert to the coastal fringe, celebrating the diversity and contrasting elements of our landscape”.

Steel platforms are used to provide visitors with easy access, to enjoy the waterways without intruding on native vegetation. Using steel grating lily pads is an innovative concept that was extended to include non-intrusive walkways throughout the gardens; providing public access to other landscaped areas while minimising erosion and damage to the native flora. The use of steel platforms provides clean lines to showcase both the native plant selection and static elements of the garden design. Rhino Grating has the manufacturing capability to customise the shape and configuration of these steel platforms to create sculptured components within the landscape.

A selection of high-performance materials, such as untreated steel, hot dipped galvanised steel and fibreglass are available to create site platforms, walkways, building facades and alternative installations. Rhino Grating’s products may be tailored to create specific design elements, while providing non-intrusive walkways and public access to environmentally sensitive sites or heritage properties. Flexible manufacturing systems allow platforms and walkways to be customised into shapes or artistic installations with functional attributes. The Australian Garden brings together facets of horticulture, architecture, ecology and art to create a stunning landscape experience.
Project Particulars:
Client: The Australian Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
Garden Design: Taylor Cullity Lethlean
Plant Designer: Paul Thompson
Walkways: Rhino Grating

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