by Pasco Construction Solutions Pty Ltd

At the heart of this new residential complex is a raised deck with a difference.

Malvern Hill is a contemporary residential development located in inner-suburban Melbourne, built by Icon Constructions. The surrounding properties were established period-style homes with extensive gardens. SJB Planning, in conjunction with SJB Architects, assisted in the process of gaining approval for this more concentrated development.

The result is a development which offers a diverse range of apartment styles with new pedestrian links that allow a greater sense of openness and flexibility within the precinct.

Pasco supplied the waterproofing membranes and Buzon height-adjustable pedestals for the extensive decking in the communal spaces of this development.

The award-winning Buzon Pedestal can be used with pavers, timber decking and steel grating to create raised floors on balconies, terraces, green roofs, temporary floors and water features. Capable of accommodating heights from 17mm-1070mm, it allows unsightly plumbing and electrical services to be concealed under the floor. More importantly, it offers easy access for the repair and maintenance of waterproofing membranes. The use of Buzon Pedestals reduces the weight-bearing loads on concrete slabs by eliminating the use of sand and cement mortar beds.

The Buzon Pedestal incorporates a patented slope-correcting device, which compensates for a substrate fall of 0–5 per cent, to provide a perfectly level floor finish. The pedestals are extremely strong as they are precision-engineered from 4mm thick recycled polypropylene and capable of supporting loads of more than 1000kg per pedestal. At roof level, this load is evenly spread by the wide base area of each unit, making them ideal for almost all flat roofing substrates, eliminating damage to the waterproofing membrane. They can even be used directly over insulation material.

This decked area has become an extremely popular place for residents to gather and socialise, as well as for children to play and run around.
Project Particulars:
Waterproofing membranes and decking pedestals: Pasco Construction Solutions
Architects: SJB Architects
Planning: SJB Planning
Builders: Icon Constructions
Client: Hamton Property Group
Waterproofing Contractor: Jadeco Waterproofing
Decking construction: Creden Construction

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