Established in Melbourne in 2005, Grace Stone and Sai Sandstone have become one of the leading stone suppliers in the industry. STONE 4 PROJECTS has been created as a special division within the company, specifically servicing commercial construction projects. Recently STONE 4 PROJECTS worked on and completed a large contribution for the Royal Adelaide Hospital in one of the largest commercial projects to take place in Adelaide.

STONE 4 PROJECTS processed and installed almost 7000m2 of beautiful custom designed stone pavers in 30 courtyards around the hospital’s grounds in 9 stages over a 4 month period. Despite the fact that natural stone paving is longer lasting than its masonry counterpart, there was still some debate around whether or not the hospital’s traditional masonry pavers could be replaced with natural stone pavers and still keep the project under budget. However, thanks to the efficiency and specialty skills of STONE 4 PROJECTS, the project successfully ran under budget. This was important in showing the architects and community that natural stone is definitely a viable option to be considered in future projects.

STONE 4 PROJECTS prides itself on its quality and service and this time was no exception, with no quality issues with the product from start to finish of the project. The logistics of bringing together different elements from the company’s various branches and workshops across Australia worked flawlessly thanks to STONE 4 PROJECTS’ Stone Managing System (SMS) which effortlessly coordinated the project. 

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